Les Sweet Transvestites


The Rocky Horror Picture Show is not just a movie. It's an interactive show, which means that what's happening on screen also happens in the cinema room: during the wedding, you'll throw rice at the other people (but not at the cast members), during the rainstorm, you'll throw water at the other people again (no, no, no, not at the cast members). The cast members really love you and they show it to you…

Anyway, you'll definitely need a few props to take part!

For RHPS virgins: The essentials

Throw it when Brad and Janet step out of the car

Throw it during the weddings.

1/4 a liter

1,5 liter

125 g
4 oz

1 kg
2 pounds


For RHPS specialists: Optional props

A newspaper

To protect yourself from the rain when Brad and Janet go out of the car.

A lighter

Light up the room when Brad and Janet are coming to the castle and sing "There's a light... " Turn it off after "In the darkness" (twice)

A noisemaker

Use it at the beginning of Frank’s creation speech, in the laboratory after he says: "I hold the secret... To life. Itself !!” and also after "that my beautiful creature is destined to be... born !"

Rubber gloves

Snap your gloves along with Frank during his speech after he says "It was strange the way it happened...Suddenly you get a break"

Toilet paper

Traditionally in the United States, they throw rolls of toilet paper into the air when Brad says, just after Dr Scott enters the laboratory, "Great Scott"  (Scott is a toilet paper brand). You can also throw them when Magenta and Columbia take Rocky’s bandages off.


Throw them into the air during the dinner scene, when Frank says: "A toast. To absent friends"

A bell

Ring it during the song “Planet Schmanet” when Frank sings "When we made it, didja hear a bell ring?"


During the song "I'm going home", Frank sings "Cards for sorrow" . At this point, you should shower the room with cards

Ketchup Flour Eggs


Send a Rocky Postcard  to your friends