The Rocky Horror Picture Show


The Revenge of the Old Queen

The Rocky Horror Picture Show - Part Two

by Richard O'Brien

Les personnages

The old Queen  A very large Royal grandmother who, although dying, is not going quietly into the dark night.  She is not to be crossed and not to be argued with.  She resembles an Elizabeth Taylor look-a-like that's been drowned for a week or three.  Don't step on her winkle-pickers.
Steve Majors He's a young(ish) guy who's trying to find the Aliens that were responsible for his elder brother going off the rails some years ago and winding up as a bottomless go-go dancer in Vegas.  Steve is a very serious young man who very rarely sees the funny side of anything, including himself. No offense to Mormons, but he'd fit right into their missionary 'look'.
Lord De Lordy First cousin to the Old Queen and next in like (he hopes) for the Royal Deck Chair.  He's overfed, overweight, overdressed and oversexed.  He flatters himself that he is a cross between Errol Flynn and Victoria Principal, hence the pencil moustache plus thighboots over his fishnets.
General Riff Raff A bad tempered, mean spirited opportunist, who is also the unknown (but suspected) killer of his own sister and the Old Queen's only begotten son, the late Frank 'N' Furter.
Ray Ammbo Head of a U.S. Agency which investigates UFO and extraterrestrial activity on Earth.  He's really into expensive designer suits, ties, shoes and aftershave in a  big way.  He is also the possible father of Sonny.
Sonny Ammbo Sonny is an outrageous, smart, good-looking, charming teenager.  He is completely without morals or compassion. Everybody adores him and he sees no reason why he should be any different.
Judith Brankmire Judy is a beautiful, rather over-endowed young woman who is looking for Mister Right.  Luckily for her and us, she meets him in the shape of Lord De Lordy.  She's fun, she's smart, she's a honey-pot.
Janet Weiss She's around 35 or so, but looks at least 50.  She drinks, smokes, dyes her hair, hooks and watches television, probably all at the same time, she's a mess and she's also possibly Sonny's real mother.
Mary Lou Ray's bright-eyed, longhaired, glossy-lipped, short-skirted secretary.  Like Ray, she is also from the South. She ain't smart, but she sure is purty.
Various Trannies Subjects of the Old Queen.
Various Earthlings Hotel staff, guests, diner workers and customers, etc.

To be continued ...