Barry Bostwick
as Brad Majors


Barry Bostwick was born on February 24th 1946 in San Mateo, California. His tall 6'4" frame may tower over people physically but as an actor, he blends in with the other characters, always giving an excellent performance. He is an astounding talented actor who can act in a variety of roles. He has been the heartthrob of many women. He attended both U.S.I.U. School of Performing Arts in San Diego, California and the New York University Graduate School of the Arts. 

Barry Bostwick has made over 40 movies for both the screen and television. His Broadway debut was in Cock-a-Doodle-Dandy, which was with the APA Phoenix Repertory Company. He was first known as a stage actor until his role as Brad in the Rocky Horror Picture Show. In the stage production of Grease, he created the role of Danny Zucko (which was made popular by actor John Travolta in the movie). Although Mr. Bostwick was popular in making movies for television through the 1980's and 1990's, he was also popular on stage in The Robber Bride and the Pirates of Penzance. He has been in several miniseries such as George Washington, War and Remembrance and You Can't Take It With You. He has starred in several sitcoms - Dads and Spin City. He has also been a guest host on Saturday Night Live. 

In July 1997, Mr. Bostwick had prostate surgery which, to date, has been successful and is an advocate for the importance of early detection of prostate cancer. Because of his dedication and determination, Mr. Bostwick won the Courage Award

Personal quotes : "I'll be quoting 'Dammit, Janet' to people for the rest of my life."


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