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Laura Campbell (aka Little Nell) was born on May 24th 1953 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. She was the daughter of Ross, humorist and editor of the Daily Telegraph, and Ruth Campbell.

She made her "debut" tap dancing for an exhibition for Martin Sharp in 1970. When she turned 18 her father moved her brother, her, and her younger sister to London. There she took on odd jobs (she used to sell shoes with Fred Mercury, lead singer of Queen). Jim Sharman spotted her one day and hired her to play a part in his new stage production, 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'. The play was a success and it was made into a movie. It was Nell's break. The movie flopped in its original release so Nell went back to London and did some more theater. The film soon gathered a cult following, however, and she got a record deal with A&M and released a few singles (she had a hit song called "Do the Swim"). She also did a television series. In 1980 she moved to New York and made the sequel to the cult success Rocky Horror called Shock Treatment (1981). She also had a bit part in Pink Floyd The Wall (1982) and appeared in several small pictures subsequently.

During the 1980's, Nell moved to New York and with her two financial partners opened her own nightclub "Nell's", as well as two others "E&O" and "The Kiosk". None of which she now owns. 

More recently Nell has appeared in the play "You Should Be So Lucky" (1994) and such movies as "Great Expectations" (1998) and "The Intern" (2000). She also gave birth to her daughter Matilda May in June 1998 and is currently following in her father's footsteps in the world of journalism, writing for magazines such as "Talk Magazine."

Filmography (Movies only)

Barry Mackenzie Holds His Own
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Alfie Darling
Journey Among Women 
Summer of Secrets 
Shock Treatment 
Pink Floyd - The Wall 
Stanley: Every Home Should Have One 
The Killing Fields
I wanna be a Beauty Queen
You Should Be So Lucky 
Great Expectations
Joe Gould's Secret 
The Intern 

With Roger Daltrey and Ringo Starr
Journey Among Women Shock Treatment
I wanna be a Beauty Queen Great Expectations


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