Horror of Dracula

Dracula - Christopher Lee


WT_horrorofPi23Distributor : Hammer Films
Director : Terence Fisher
Writing credits : Jimmy Sangster, 
based on th novel by  Bram Stocker
Producer : Anthony Hinds

Cast : 

Peter Cushing......... Doctor Van Helsing
Christopher Lee......... Count Dracula
Michael Gough......... Arthur Holmwood
Melissa Stribling......... Mina Holmwood
Carol Maelsh......... Lucy Holmwood
John Van Eyssen......... Jonathan Harker
Miles Malle Udn......... Undertaker
Valerie Gaunt......... Vampire Woman

Dracula - Christopher LeeOf course, "Horror of Dracula" is not the first neither the only movie refering to the famous vampyre, Count Dracula, but it's the one I prefer. In fact it is the third adaptation of the well known noval by Bram Stocker and the first one in colour. The previous movies were Nosferatu (1921) in Germany, et Dracula (1931) in the States. 

The strongest points of the film are the central performances by Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. Cushing, as always, is flawless making the Van Helsing character his own. Similarly, Lee, in his very first outing as the vampire, gave Count Dracula a new identity - no mean achievement considering the effect that Lugosi had over the years.

Despite the fact that he had only 13 lines in the film, Lee brings a hypnotic attractiveness to go with his imposing physical presence. Dracula was Hammer's first and possibly best attempt at what became a very successful franchise for them. It is also a prime example of Hammer at their best. Atmospheric, well acted and thoroughly enjoyable.

Dracula - Peter Cushing The film's story loosely resembles the novel with the characters only being based on Stoker's creations. The situation is also changed with the London episode of the novel being completely written out of the film script. Instead, the film is set entirely in the village of Klausenberg somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains. Jonathan Harker, makes his way to Castle Dracula, where he has been employed as a librarian by the aristocratic owner, Count Dracula.

However, he soon finds himself not only the focus of attention of one of the female vampire inhabitants but also a prisoner of the Count. We find out quite soon that Harker was in fact working with eminent Vampire hunter, Dr. Van Helsing in an attempt to rid the world of the evil of Count Dracula.

Unfortunately for Harker, he becomes a victim of the Count while his fiancée also falls prey to a strange anemia. Meanwhile Van Helsing battles against time to find the vampire and destroy him once and for all.


Dracula - Christopher Lee Dracula - Christopher Lee
Dracula - Christopher Lee Dracula - Christopher Lee



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