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Anthony Stewart Head
February 20th, 1954 - England


Buffy contre les vampires : Anthony HeadAnthony Head is known the world over for his role of 'Giles' in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but this world's stuffiest librarian did drag in ''Rocky Horror''

First he studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, and got his first big break playing Jesus in Godspell.  The break, helped him land the part of Frank N. Furter in the music, "The Rocky Horror Show" in London in the 90s, and according to many fans who saw his performance, he's the best Frank N. Furter next to Tim Curry. Mr. Head released a single of Sweet Transvestite that was released only in the UK.


"In London, my Frank was much more demonic than any of the Franks that went before. I liked the challenge of finding something different in the character. Instead of wearing green scrubs, I came out in a 1950s high waisted nurse's gown with a pillbox hat. I just had fun with it."

"I'd seen countless Franks in very clumsy, stacked heels and platforms, and I wanted to be very mobile, so I had these 3 1/2 inch pointy black patent leather ankle boots. Because they supported my ankle I could leap around like an idiot. And I did."

Russell Crowe Russell Crowe Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe Russell Crowe Russell Crowe
For the 25th Anniversary of the RHPS
Anthony Head sings "Wise Up"

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