The invisible man




Distributor : Universal Pictures  
Director : James Whale
Writing credits : R.C. Sherriff, Preston Sturges, 
H.G. Wells (novel)
Producer : Carl Laemmle, Jr., Carl Laemmle (executive)

Distribution :

Claude Rains ......... Dr. Jack Griffin
Gloria Stuart ......... Flora Cranley
William Harrigan ......... Doctor Kemp
Henry Travers ......... Doctor Cranley
na O'Connor ......... Jenny Hall
Forrester Harvey ......... Bill Hall
Holmes Herbert ......... Chief of Police
E.E. Clive ......... Jaffers
Dudley Digges ......... Chief Detective
Harry Stubbs ......... Inspector Bird
Donald Stuart ......... Inspector Lane
Merle Tottenham ......... Millie


Based on H.G. Wells' classic novel and directed by the master of macabre James Whale, the Invisible Man not only fueled a host of sequels but features some special effects special effects in the film are absolutely amazing, especially when you take into consideration that they were created 70 years ago, when art of cinema was still in its fledgling stages. The effects are used liberally, whenever the scene called for it, giving you a sense of just how confident the filmmakers were of their ability to maintain the illusion of invisibility. The effects are not only used to build suspense and inspire fear, they are used to create a few comic moments as well.

The performances are quite good all around. Claude Rains is excellent as the invisible man. A former stage actor, he brought great presence to the role, despite the fact that he was completely masked or invisible for nearly the entire picture. His expressive voice adds both menace and humanity to the character. We understand the invisible man's motivations, making him more than a just cardboard villain. In addition, the supporting actors do a good job of playing off of the invisible man when he isn't there. Their reactions are believable and realistic even when they have to simulate the effects of physical attacks or react to the sound of his voice. 

A strange man wearing sunglasses and his head swathed in bandages shows up at the Lion's Head Inn during a snowstorm and asks for a room with complete privacy. The old woman brings up the mustard for his meal and notices that he does not have a mouth, or a chin. With every minute that passes though, the invisible man is going mad and starts to take his frustrations out on everyone at the inn.

When the police show up, the invisible man escapes and goes to fellow colleague Kemp's house and tells him how the two of them will take over the world. But Kemp is scared and eventually calls the police who close in on the house to try and capture Griffin. Griffin escapes once again but swears he will kill Kemp the next day at ten o'clock.

After committing over one hundred and twenty murders (he caused a train to crash), he fulfills his promise to Kemp and kills him. This was the first movie to feature the invisible man or something like him and was based on the classic novel by H.G. Wells. If you love horror movies or are a fan of H.G. Wells then this is definitely a movie you cannot afford to miss.

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