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Russell Crowe
Avril 7th, 1964 - New Zealand


Gladiator : Russell CroweEveryone knows Russell Crowe as Roman general Maximus in Ridley Scott's movie, " Gladiator ", part for which he won the Best Actor Oscar.

Russell Crowe's family moved to Australia when Crowe was 4 years old. His parents were caterers to the television and film sets. At age 6, Crowe was cast in a small part in an Austrailian series named "Spyforce". This is where Crowe's dream of being an actor of stage and screen came into play. The Crowe family returned to their home land of New Zealand in 1978. Crowe exerted his talent as a rock singer, going under the name of "Rus le Rock", and recorded a 1980's tune titled "I Want To Be Like Marlon Brando". Crowe and a friend formed a band, "Roman Antix", which later evolved into the band now known as 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. Crowe landed a role in a musical, "Grease",in '83. From 1986-88, Crowe headlined in the touring production of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

Russell did about 458 performances of The Rocky Horror Show. He played Dr. Frank N. Furter 50 times, and 400 times as Eddie and Dr Scott.

He's said his favorite screen villain is Tim Curry as Frank N. Furter in the film version of the play, "although I was pretty good in high heels myself."

Unfortunately, I couldn't find Russell Crowe's pictures as Frank, but nevertheless the pics below are astounding enough

Russell Crowe Russell Crowe Russell Crowe Russell Crowe
As Eddie
Russell Crowe Russell Crowe Russell Crowe Russell Crowe
As Dr Scott The Cast Russ Le Roq