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Janette Scott

Janette was born on the 14th of December in '38, making her 21 when the '60s started and 31 as the '60s ended. Her exotic birthplace: Morecambe, Lancashire, England. Her moniker at birth: Thora Janette Scott, named after her mother, character actress Dame Thora Hird,

Janette's screen career began when at four years old she appeared in the '42 film Went the Day Well? For the next ten years she was a pretty child star making another half-dozen dramatic British films, notably No Highway in the Sky with James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich in '51, and The Magic Box in '51 alongside dozens of British stars like Robert Donat, Richard Attenborough, Stanley Holloway, and Glynis Johns. Her breakthrough was the charming Now and Forever in '55, in which Janette played a rich girl who elopes with a car mechanic, resulting in a nationwide hunt for the pair. Her movies quickly became more significant, so that a year later she was one of the stars in the sweeping epic Helen of Troy, a movie that also featured a young Brigitte Bardot. She starred in the comedy Happy Is the Bride in '57 alongside Ian Carmichael and Terry-Thomas, a wacky comedy directed by Roy Boulting, the man who would be scandalously involved with young Hayley Mills a decade later. In '57's delightful The Good Companions, Janette performed in musical numbers and clearly stood out among a stellar cast. Another light musical-comedy, The Lady Is a Square with Anthony Newley, followed in '59. Perhaps her best pre-'60s movie was The Devil's Disciple, a well-received Revolutionary War comedy that starred Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, and Laurence Olivier. Unfortunately for her fans, once Janette got romantic with Mel Torme in the mid-'60s, she quit show biz and never appeared in another movie.

Fans of science fiction films know Janette Scott. The Day of the Triffids and Crack in the World -- two goodies from the mid-'60s -- were the highlights of a long resume that dated back to the '40s. The Day of the Triffids in '62 was based on John Wyndham's masterful novel, a classic of its kind. Published in '51 and condensed in Collier's magazine, The Day of the Triffids book was hailed as "a brain-chilling tale of tomorrow" with "all the reality of a vividly realized nightmare."  

Besides The Day of the Triffids and Crack in the World, Janette had several other notable movies in the '60s. None stand out today as strongly as the sci-fi duo, though. In '60s and '61 she made School for Scoundrels, Two and Two Makes Six, His and Hers, and Double Bunk, all of them veddy veddy British comedies featuring stalwarts like Terry-Thomas and Ian Carmichael. Double Bunk put Janette on a houseboat for some merry mixups on the Thames. The Old Dark House in '63 was a retelling of an old murder mystery, but this time it was played for laughs, which only proved confusing. Better was Paranoiac in '63, which brought in Oliver Reed for some murderous twists a la Psycho. Janette is involved in the surprise at the end. Siege of the Saxons, The Beauty Jungle, and Bikini Paradise (also called Mission to Paradise) were the last of her films, the latter a '65 flop that had Janette as one of several bikini babes.

in '79 film historian William K. Everson dedicated his book Love in the Film "to Janette Scott," the lovely young star of Now and Forever whose vibrant and touching performance in that fifties film is the epitome of what love and romance on the screen used to be"


The lamp still burns 
Medal for the General
No Place for Jennifer
No Highway
The Magic Box
The galloping Major
As long as they're happy
Now and Forever 
Helene de Troy 
The Good Companions 
Happy is the Bride
The Devil's disciple
The Lady is a Square
School for scoundrels
Two and two make six
His and Hers
Double Bunk
The day of the Triffids
Siege of the Saxons
The Old Dark House
The Beauty Jungle
Crack in the World
Bikini Paradise
Janette Scott Janette Scott Janette Scott
Janette Scott Janette Scott dans Odl Dark House - Oakley Court Oakley Court
A scoop : Janet-te Scott, 
wearing a pink dress with... Brad ?  in front
of  Oakley Court
Frank's Castle !!!==>
Oakley Court is today a four- stars hotel. During the 60s and the 70s over 200 films were made that featured the house or it's grounds

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