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The movie


Le Rocky Horror Picture Show is a 1975 movie, based on the 1973 London musical.

It tells the story of Brad and Janet, who have just got engaged and go to Dr Everett Scott to tell him the good news. On their way, their car breaks down. It’s the night and it’s raining hard. The couple finds shelter in a castle inhabited by strange characters, and more particularly by Dr Frank N Furter, a “Transvestite from Transylvania”. They also meet a hunchbacked butler, nymphomaniac domestic, a made up Tarzan, a frozen rocker and many more…

RHPS are the initials for Rocky Horror Picture Show. These initials are commonly used in English to refer to the movie.

In France, we usually use “Le Rocky” (“The Rocky”)

These are the initials for Rocky Horror Show. It refers to the 1973 musical which inspired the movie. Still today, the musical is played by professional and unprofessional casts in the USA and elsewhere.

There are 10 main characters: Brad and Janet, Frank N Furter, Rocky Horror, Riff Raff, Magenta, Columbia, Eddie, Dr Everett Scott and the narrator.

There are also a few other characters, for example Ralph Hapschatt and Betty Munroe who get married at the beginning of the movie as well as the 18 Transylvanians who are in Frank’s castle.

Chuckie is name given to the narrator.

Trixie is the name given to the Usherette who sings ‘Science Fiction Double Feature’, the opening credit song.

Have a look at the Actors bios

The famous lips (the movie’s symbol!) actually belong to Patricia Quinn (who plays Magenta).

Initially, it was Patricia Quinn who sang these two songs. Rumour has it that just before the film premiere, Richard O’Brien decided to sing the two songs, so he re-recorded them and it is only during the film premiere that Patricia Quinn discovered this last minute change! But the truth is Pat Quinn got a call well before the release of the film, that the producers wanted Richard O'Brien to sing the opening song, obviously upset that her small part was made even smaller they compromised on her lips and his voice.

It is one the final scenes of the movie which is the highlight of Brad and Janet’s adventures in Frank’s castle. This dance scene shows (in order of appearance) Columbia, Rocky, Brad, then Janet all wearing corsets and garter belts!

Yes and no! The movie ‘Shock Treatment’, shot in 1981, is considered by some as the unofficial sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Indeed, this movie was also written and played by Richard O’Brien. The story takes place in Denton and it features Brad and Janet, Betty and Ralph Hapshatt as well as Richard O’Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell and Charles Gray (but in different roles). Apart from that, there are no real connections between the two movies (however, a few Shock Treatment live casts perform in the USA).

But be warned, neither Tim Curry, nor Barry Bostwick, Susan Sarrandon or Peter Hinwood are featured in Shock Treatment.

A few years after the RHPS, Brad and Janet (who are now husband and wife) come back to Denton which has become the setting of a giant TV show controlled by a mysterious character.

Unsurprisingly enough, Brad and Janet are selected to take part in the game “Marriage Maze” and once again Brad acts like an ‘asshole’…

So Janet (played by Jessica Harper) is offered the possibility to submit Brad (Cliff DeYoung) to a shock treatment (hence the title!!!). She finally accepts because REALLY Brad is an asshole!

Then poor Brad finds himself locked up and in the hands of twisted-minded doctors Cosmo and Nation McKinley (Richard O’Brien and Patricia Quinn).

But in fact, all this was nothing but a trap set up by Farley Flavors, Brad’s long lost twin brother, who wants to seduce Janet…

This movie, which was a big flop in cinemas at the time, was released on video in 1985 in the USA only. Consequently, only the NTSC video (in English, no subtitles) can be found.

If you want to get it, the best thing to do is probably to regularly check out the Amazon website because they have second hand copies from time to time… or you can try Ebay…

Finally, you may also try to find this rare video in second hand videos shops…

In fact, Richard O’Brien has written a sequel. This is called “The Revenge Of The Old Queen” but it was never shot. The script can be found on the internet but it was never seriously supposed to be shot. The story is about Riff Raff and Magenta coming back to Transylvania and facing the wrath of the Queen who is the mother of the late Frank N Furter.

The show


Because The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a movie which exists only through and for this kind of interaction between the film and the people! When it was released in 1975, it was a commercial failure and it was slated by the critics. It could only be destined to oblivion… But an unexpected event occurred: some audience members came back every week with props to mimic the characters and started to comment upon the movie. Very soon, some started to dress up as their favourite characters. Taking an active part in the showing, they were no longer passive audience members. Since then, the movie has become the backdrop for this interactive happening which turned The Rocky Horror Picture Show into a cult movie.

No, the movie is shown only in Paris at the Studio Galande which owns the rights and the only reel in France. So the only other possibility is to watch the DVD or the video…

Not too sure about that... even though the story is actually quite simple. So you'd probably better watch the movie before, not only to understand the story but also to understand all the call-backs and allusions that are done by the live cast. Because the story is actually just a pretext (as modest as it is minimal) for a unique interactive show. And this is exactly what made the RHPS so famous. This is also the reason why it is still shown at cinemas, almost 30 years after its first release.

Besides, the special charm of the movie lies in the fact that the audience is no longer passive. Indeed, the show is more in the cinema room than on the screen.

If you wish to watch the movie quietly, you can always rent the video. If you wish to live the movie, come and experience the live cast performance.

These are the initials for ‘Audience Participation’. It refers to all the kinds of possible interactions between the movie and the people in the cinema room during a showing of the RHPS. It can consist in call backs or in throwing rice and water…

The basic stuff are of course water and rice! But there are also many other props you may need… Have a look at the Props You Need

Yes and no! Of course the movie remains the same as it was more than 25 years ago. As for the show, it always evolves. We constantly use our creative minds.

Besides, we regularly organise theme nights or special shows for particular occasions.

In the USA, the movie is much more famous than in France and it is a cult classic. There are many live casts throughout the country. However, these casts just rigorously mimic what’s happening on screen with screen accurate costumes and props. And the audience members do the call backs.

In France, most of our audience members do not do the call backs. The Sweet Transvestites have decided, from day one, to have screen accurate costumes and props and to move in synch with the movie. This is what connects us to what is done in the USA. Nevertheless, because we want our audience to enjoy the movie to the full, we, the cast members, also do the call backs (some are in English and some are in French). Consequently, a few call backs exist only in France.

Thus, the main difference lies in the intervention of the live cast members but also in the call backs themselves.

Well, we are all big fans of the movie. It is a great pleasure to watch the movie and to watch the show, but we all felt at some point that it was time for us to join a live cast and to be involved in it.

Doing a great quality show and keeping the RHPS spirit and tradition alive are our main motivations.

No, not at all. Just like any other live cast that has performed or that performs in France or anywhere else, we are all voluntary.

However, we get paid to perform for private screenings

The Sweet Transvestites exist since May 2001. The Cast History will give you further details…

If you share our motivations and if you’re ready to spend time and work hard,of course it is possible to apply. You just need to fill in the on-line form.