Les Sweet Transvestites

Cast History


From May 2000 to May 2001, during the year we spent Christophe (Riff Raff) and I, Brigitte (Magenta) in the cast The Absent Friends, we met many times members of another cast The Zen Room and we became friends, particularly with Gilles (Brad), Grabble (Frank) and Yeti (Eddie). We got on so well we started spending a lot of time together, and Élise, the new AF's Columbia joined our bunch of friends, so much so that after awhile we decided to create our own shadow cast, The Sweet Transvestites. What was done in May 2001.

The very first Cast poster in September 2001 featuring its 6 co-founders

Our first official performance took place on June 9th, 2001, for a private performance for HBO (a gay and bi High School Association). The worst was yet to come, it was to get a regular show, since the Friday's and the Saturday's ones were alloted to The Absent Friends et The PicNic

After spending most of the summer 2001 without any official show, but only performing in August at midnight in front of a scarce audience (15 to 25 spectators at best) and we were getting more and more depressed... But the god of the Sweet T was looking after us and the Pic Nic cast whose main performers departed  we have replaced them for the 10 pm Saturday night show.

This leads us to June 25th, 2005, date on which, at the Vegas Con, thanks to Ruth Fink-Winter, Sal Piro, president and founder of the Official International Fan Club, approved our cast The Sweet Transvestites as his representant in France and the Official French Rocky Horror Fan Club.

As for the cast composition, during these 5 passed years, we had a quite few cast members, more and less transitory, more and less outstanding...

But let's not look backward and let's talk about the ones who are still présent

Among the new ones arrived during the last past months:

list which is, of course, not, exhaustive, since we're always looking for understudies

Well, now, if you’re a bit confused,  so you can always have a look at the cast members page.


March 12th, 2007



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