The Rocky Horror Show UK Tour 2006


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On May 18, 2006, Christophe and Brigitte went to  Wimbledon, in the London suburbs, to see The Rocky Horror Show touring in England since March 2006, with a version altered for the occasion by Richard O' Brien. He removed all that was added to the play along the years, which gives a more lively and rapid show - shorter also - than the version of the European Tour. Nevertheless I must confess that I preferred the European production.


Frank N'Furter is played by David Bedella, who drew attention to himself by playing Satan in “Jerry Springer, the Opera”. David had already played Frank in the States with none other than Meatloaf as director. The evening when we attended the show, Christopher Biggins (Transylvanian in The RHPS) played the Narrator and we were glad to meet him backstage. 

There were many spectators, many of them were dressed up. We met, among others, Mike, Eddie of Charming Underclothes (defunct English cast which featured the leaders of the Time Warp - UK Official Fan Club) and at the end, we could see a distinguished visitor, Richard O' Brien himself! 

Antoine went to see the show at the end of July in London and he took a few pictures and made a very nice collage of the posters in the windows of the Playhouse Theatre

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Even though taking pictures was strictly forbidden during the show,  Christophe could make a short video of the bow and the final Time Warp

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