The 2005 Rocky Horror Show
European Tour 


On Septembrer 7th, 2005, Christophe and Brigitte went to Germany, to see the Rocky Horror Show touring in Europe (but not in France!!!) since 1996 and which will ends definitely in November

Christopher Malcolm (1973's original Brad) directed it, Sue Blane (the costume designer from the beginning) oversaw the costumes and Richard Hartley did the musical arrangements (he took an active part in the creation of the play) and one can imagine that there remains thus a little something of the spirit of the original London production.

Christophe took a lot of pictures during the show   SEE THE ALBUM 

He also filmed short videos of the highlights of the show, which he edited as  a "trailer"

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  On October 30th, 2005, this time, all the cast went to see one of the very last shows in Sarrebruck, in front of 3000 delirious people, of which a quater were dressed up   SEE THE ALBUM 

You will see there in bulk the show on stage, the show in the theater, the reunion with our friends actors and the return to the sad truth!

More photos of the epic travel, the incredible change of costumes in a carpark are in another album THE SWEET IN SARREBRUCK

Christophe made another video, longer as the first one, with new scenes and on top of that the crazy atmosphere.


Click on pics and wait for the complete upload of the videos to watch

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